Volunteer Testimonials

Kat Selvocki, Community & Corporate Program Manager, New York Cares, Inc.

We know the work that New York Cares volunteers do at Career Gear is the first step to making an incredible change in one man’s life. Our volunteers return time and time again because they know their efforts will help build the confidence of men who are looking to re-enter the workforce after a trying period in their lives.


Alex Price, President, nycTIES

We’ve partnered with a number of wonderful nonprofit organizations in this city, but our work with Career Gear revealed that the most critical efforts for social change are not always the most high profile. From the outside, we recognized that their suiting, workshop, and follow-up support programs led men towards the path of self-sufficiency. But on the inside – by forming relationships with the men, meeting their families, and hearing about their new dreams for the future – we came to understand how significant this work is to revitalizing distressed areas of our community. Career Gear is leading the way in this pursuit, assisting men far beyond the interview process and providing supports that are both powerful and lasting. nycTIES is so proud to be involved with this mission.


Candace Woo, Volunteer Workshop Faciliator, RN

Working with the men of Career Gear has been an amazing experience.  They are strong, determined individuals who have overcome many obstacles in life and posess great potential to learn.  Career Gear provides workshops in an environment that facilitates the exploration of fields that are often unfamiliar, equipping the men with knowledge and tools to succeed. Like many workshop facilitators, I have been able to develop strong relationships with the men as they have made great progress through the program.