Professional Development Series

Group mentoring helps participants to learn from one another as well as the facilatator

Professional Development Series

The Professional Development Series provides skills that focus on the professional and emotional state of the participants who are engaging in life changing experiences. The curriculum of the program is divided into four main developmental categories: employment, financial stability, parenting and life balance.

The program provides an environment that promotes participation, discussion, accountability, networking and support. Sessions are held in the evenings and are facilitated by professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to provide meaningful experiences to all participants. The program is divided into two phases, and placement is determined by participation, skill level, commitment and the review of data.

Examples of workshops include Interview Tips & Skills, Credit Repair, Conflict Resolution and Men’s Health.

Participants enjoying a day with the International Coaching Federation

Career Gear also offers one-on-one mentoring, personal life coaching sessions, networking and yoga!

Success within the Professional Development Series is determined through the reporting from Quality of Life surveys, which are administered to all participants.

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