Mast Mentoring Program

The MAST Program

The MAST program (Mentoring: Advancement, Success and Transition) focuses on deepening the impact of personalized programming to enhance the necessary skills for employment, financial stability, parenting and life balance. The MAST program addresses the needs of our clients and their families by offering individualized services providing our clients the emotional support and expert advice to help them navigate everyday barriers and challenges they may face.

Individualized programming is created through partnerships by pairing Professional Development Series participants with expert mentor/coaches. The partnerships are engaged for six months, meeting bi-weekly for at least an hour. Participants are challenged with specific tasks enabling them to become more successful in various professional and personal environments. Various tasks include, but are not limited to: revising resumes, refining internet based job searches, preparing for a workplace evaluation, creating weekly budgets, credit and debt management, addressing child-support orders, engaging in healthy lifestyles and working with banks and creditors.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor please contact Director of Programs Oscar Prado.

For information on joining our MAST program click here.