What We Do

Career Gear’s Job Readiness, Professional Development Series and Mentoring Programs address not only individual client needs, but the impact that being jobless or underemployed can have on families and communities. Being out of work or underemployed can break a man’s connection with the world around him and result in poverty, poor health, prison, lack of family cohesion and more.

For men who seek to better themselves against great odds, Career Gear is a lifeline of ongoing support as they make a change for the better. Surviving that crucial job interview is an important step, yet daily life can often make it tough to keep up the momentum. Through weekly peer workshops, one-on-one mentoring and a supportive environment, our clients make the connections and build the confidence to find work, keep it and continue down the path of personal development and economic self-sufficiency.

In 14 years of existence, Career Gear is proud to have helped over 35,000 disconnected and under-served job seeking men become self-sufficient members of their communities.


The Job Readiness Program

  • Interview Clothing
  • Image Consultation
  • Pre-interview counseling
  • Interview Preparation

A participant is referred to the Job Readiness Program through one of many New York City partner programs.

For more information on the Job Readiness Program click here.

Professional Development Series Program

The Professional Development Series is available free of charge to all men who come through our Job Readiness Program. This program provides skills that focus on the professional and emotional state of the participants who are engaging in life changing experiences. The curriculum of the program is divided into four main developmental categories:

  • employment
  • financial stability
  • parenting
  • life balance

For more information on the Professional Development Series Program click here.

The MAST Program (Mentoring: Advancement, Success and Transition)

The MAST program is a one-on-one mentoring program which strengthens participant outcomes by personalizing programming to elevate the necessary skills for employment, financial stability, parenting and life balance.

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